Yesterday, on the 2nd of August 2016, Samsung live streamed their Unpacked event and finally revealed the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Yes, they did indeed skip the Note 6 to keep up with the S series name (most recent being the S7). As well as the introduction of the all new Blue Coral colour, the Note 7 will come packed with some great features. Check them out.


This is, without a doubt, the highlight of the new Note. Its the first smartphone to bring out this technology and beats security on any smartphone to date. Want to unlock your phone? Use your eyes. Want to login to a website? There is no need to type in your username and password, just use your eyes. We all thought fingerprint sensors were cool and they are but the iris scanner sure takes security to a new (awesome) level.

Samsung Note 7 Camera shot


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 boasts a 12 MP rear camera which uses dual-pixel technology and records videos at 4K, enhancing the photos and videos you’ll be capturing. It has super fast auto focus so you don’t have to worry about missing a single moment or any blurs and works well in low lighting too. Its the same camera the Galaxy S7 has so if you’ve had your hands on that you’ll know it is the most impressive smartphone camera yet.


Wow, I thought 5.5″ was big but Samsung have made the Note 7 even bigger. It’s definitely not going to make itself home in your pocket; it’s far too big and you’ll probably not be able to use it one-handed either. But on the upside, the display is perfect for videos, for browsing; generally seeing more on the screen. But that’s not the only advantage. The smartphone has Quad HD resolution¬†so you’ll have the best viewing experience.


The Note was originally available at 32GB as a minimum but this has now been increased to 64GB with the latest Note. And if that’s still not enough it supports a microSD card up to 256GB. That is just amazing and Samsung sure have outdone a lot of smartphone makers here, especially Apple who currently offer a base model with only 16GB (but that’s potentially changing next month with the release of the iPhone 7).

64GB Base with expandable storage up to 256GB


The S Pen has had some significant changes; improvements for the better. The pen is the first to be, both, water and dust resistant. It’s tip is now much thinner and it looks perfect for drawing with a high pressure level of 4096 (twice as much as the previous one). The other cool thing about it is that you can use it to hover over a word and you can get translations for it right there and then. Cool or what?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 looks to be an impressive smartphone. Due to its size, its not going to be for everyone but specs and features wise it is fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of the Note series; they were the first Android smartphones I had an interest in. It’ll be released on the 19th of August so not long before its in the shops or in your hands!

Thank you for reading.