Rumours are spreading that Apple are going to be removing Space Gray from their iPhone colour selection. What? It’s the most popular colour! But hang on, have you seen the potential replacements?

So what colour are Apple going for with the upcoming iPhone 7?


Apple may be offering the iPhone 7, which will be released in September, in Space Black or Midnight Blue to add to the current collection of Silver, Rose Gold and Champagne Gold. Martin Hajek, a man known for 3D Rendering created 3D models of the two and now I’ve forgotten how much I loved Space Gray.


3D Renders by Martin Hajek at

I like the fact that the iPhone is all one colour (with the exception of the front of course) and have you noticed the removal of the antenna bands at the back? Even better. The home button has also been changed to be touch-sensitive instead; it’s subtle but a nice improvement. The back of the blue model also represents an enhanced camera, which we expect to be on the ‘plus’ version. There has got to be some difference between the two, aside from the size.

I seriously hope this is what the new iPhone 7 will look like. I’m intrigued to find out which one Apple go for but then again they may introduce something completely different because let’s not forget that this is a rumour, the Space Gray might actually be here to stay. Although, one of the many many rumours always ends up happening so fingers crossed.

Imagine both of these colours are introduced? I think it’d be a tough choice choosing between the two. The blue is different and oh so nice but an all-black iPhone 7 is also rather tempting. Which one would you go for?

Thank you for reading.