Most of the time, companies develop new Tech products that we fall in love with, so much so, that we’ll sometimes pay the introductory high price for them because we just can’t wait. Other times, they just get it so wrong and it turns out to be a complete disaster. Let’s check some of these out.

Technology is awesome and last year bought us so many cool products but sometimes some companies just get it wrong and I’m about to name and shame them. Let’s get right into the biggest Tech failures of 2016.

Samsung Galaxy Note7


You all probably thought of this one as soon as you saw the word ‘failure’ and I’m not surprised.

Samsung revealed the latest addition to the Note collection in August, released it in September and buried it in October. It didn’t even last a day when 30+ Note7 devices were reported to have exploded. Due to the significance of this issue, a recall took place, hitting billions of dollars. These things happen right? Maybe once but not twice; Samsung failed big time when even the replacement Note7’s were exploding. The phone didn’t even last a month before Samsung had to take it off the market; unbelievably disappointing. It’s a real shame because I was a Note7 owner and it was the best smartphone I had my hands on; it was definitely the best Samsung and Android device ever made.

Hopefully, Samsung have learnt from their gigantic mistake and will give us a device even better this year.

Apple Airpods


Surprised to see this on the list? Apple are one of the best Tech brands out there; they produce amazing quality products but they do disappoint, very rarely in my opinion.

Apple introduced the AirPods in September, at the same time as the iPhone 7/7 Plus. They had given us a date of, actually they didn’t even give us a date, but mentioned the AirPods will be available to purchase in October. That didn’t happen. They informed us that the delivery of the AirPods will be late but, Apple being Apple, didn’t given us an exact date but we had to just expect it in ‘a few weeks’.

Whilst it’s annoying that they didn’t give us a date, it’s kind of a good thing because they’re saving themselves from disappointing further if they don’t make it to that date. On a completely different side of things, the AirPods don’t even look cool. They look a bit silly just hanging off your ears, with no cables to attach the two together but I’m sure they sound good. I just cannot justify the price (£159) so these, along with the iWatch, are two products of Apple’s that I will never buy (happy to receive them as gifts though) 😛

GoPro Karma drone


GoPro’s Karma folding drone came into the market as a competitor to DJI’s very own Mavic Pro. With both brands being very well-known, the competition game was strong but it seems DJI got the upper hand in the end as the Karma Drone units were recalled. Oh dear.

It turned out that (a limited) number of the drones lost power during flight, causing the drone to fall out of the Sky. No injuries were reported and do damage either, which is lucky, but the recall is something GoPro had to do, for safety reasons. Whilst this is super annoying for the customers who purchased this, GoPro plan to continue selling the drone, once the issue has been resolved.


It takes a lot of work for these Tech companies to produce the products we use and love on a daily basis and it must really hurt when things go wrong. Whilst recalls can be inconvenient for consumers, it’s great that these companies react quickly and call for a recall as soon as possible.

Sadly for Samsung, the Note7 recall was the biggest disaster and this biggest disappointment too as it could have been the best smartphone to date, in my opinion. The worst part is that its success lasted less than 30 days but it cost them billions of dollars. That must really hurt.

Whilst Apple were late with a product no-one has introduced before, I think it’s safe to say they performed some intense quality testing before launching them as they were basically two months late.

The GoPro Karma, on the other hand, has taken a sad departure to the house of Recall. I think this will have probably put a lot of people off it but also led to an increase of sales for the DJI Mavic Pro. Even though it is said to go back on sale, once the power issue has been resolved, there is that risk of it not being as successful.

As they say, we’re only human. You just tend to expect more from such large companies but let the above be a lesson learned and, hopefully, 2017 will bring us awesome tech with 0 recalls. What do you say?

Thank you for reading.