The Internet is full of memes and GIFs. They have become very trendy in the last few years and they really do bring life to images. If you’ve got a collection of pictures you want to put together and don’t have video editing tools then converting them into a GIF might be the best thing to do.

You can create them using multiple different Software and even using websites that offer this capability, such as imgflip and makeagif. These do have limited functionality but are great for quick GIFs.


However, if you have Adobe Photoshop then you might want to follow a video tutorial we made where I talk you through a basic guide on how to make an emoji GIF, based off the one we posted on Instagram almost a week ago. Please note that I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 but the steps are identical in other versions. Instead of ‘Timeline’ you may have ‘Animation’ in the Windows option. You can of course follow it using your own images and I’m hoping it is an easy to follow guide and help you go the right direction in creating your own.



One thing I didn’t go through in the video tutorial was how to save the GIF. So, using Adobe Photoshop, click File > Save for web and then choose GIF in the Preset dropdown. If you’re wanting to post it on Instagram, well you can’t; Instagram does not support GIFs. Therefore, you’ll need to convert the GIF into a .mp4 for example. You can save it in a video format to begin with though. Simply click File > Export > Render Video, choose the location you want to save it to and hit Save. I hope that helps?

Despite the simplicity of the GIF in this tutorial, you can make rather complicated ones but, of course, this involves more work and time. With things like this, sometimes the easiest ways to learn is by doing it and playing around with settings. Saying that, if any of you would like to request a specific, more advanced tutorial on a different type of GIF or even something completely different (still tech related) then I’ll be happy to create this for you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for reading.