Shopping online is so convenient and we all do it every now and then so why not get paid to shop? Quidco is a cashback site (and app) that is perfect for gaining some extra cash for doing nothing more than what you normally do. It was founded by Maple Syrup Media and is 100% genuine; there is nothing suspicious about the site at all. Quidco do take £5 from you annually though but that’s a very small price to pay for what you could get.

Below is Quidco in a nutshell but you can keep on reading for more details and find out how much I have earned from using it.

  • Works with over 5000 retailers and brands
  • Single click to earn cashback
  • Works on mobile app as well as desktop
  • Fast tracking – Tracking confirmation
  • Cashback received within weeks or months
  • £5 Annual fee to Quidco
  • Earn cash for referring friends and family
  • Withdraw your earned cashback via Bank transfer or PayPal.

The cashback amount varies across the wide range of retailers that Quidco works with. It could be anything from 1% to 15% but sometimes they offer exclusive cashback deals of much more for a limited time. Sounds good? You bet it is. So how does it work?

Earn money in 3 easy steps.

It’s really easy. Instead of visiting the brand or retailer you want to buy from directly, you go through Quidco. Simply follow the steps below to earn some money from your favourite retailers / brands.

Step 1: Sign up to Quidco here.

Step 2: Search for the retailer you want to shop at. If it is not found then that means Quidco does not work with that retailer. If it is found, click on the name to load the page.

Step 3: Click ‘shop now’. You’ll then be taken to the Retailer’s online store via a unique tracking URL.

That’s it. From there, you just shop as normal and your spending amount will be tracked after checkout (based on the URL that was exchanged between Quidco and the Retailer’s site). Sometimes, you’ll get a tracking confirmation within an hour although it can sometimes take longer.

How long will it take to receive my cashback?

When you’ll get paid depends on the retailer. It can be as quick as a few weeks or as long as a few months. Whilst this may sound disappointing, it’s totally worth it. Firstly, it’s extra money and, secondly, you’ll have completely forgotten about the cashback weeks down the line so when it comes it’ll be a nice little surprise.

Also, if you’ve got the willpower to not spend your cashback when you get it then you can save it up and treat yourself to that one product you’ve wanted for a while and it’ll basically be free.

I’ve earned…..

So, I joined Quidco back in 2012, when I was a University student. With no job, I didn’t have a lot of money to be shopping so I didn’t really earn a lot of cashback. However, in the last 2 years I’ve earned almost £300, from a number of different online transactions including Expedia (where I earned £72 from booking a holiday).

You can easily earn more but it depends on where you shop, how much you spend and what percentage the cashback rate is. Things like taking out a new insurance policy or a new phone contract will help you get over £100 in a single transaction very easily.

Refer someone to Quidco to earn even more.

In addition to shopping to earn cashback, you can refer Quidco to friends and family to earn £2.50 for every person you refer. You can easily generate a referral link from your account and you can choose to give some of the cashback to your friend or keep it to yourself. They’ll need to sign up and earn £5 cashback before Quidco will pay out though but I guess that’s their way of ensuring the person referred actually uses the site or mobile app.

So, remember to visit Quidco before you start shopping. They are always adding new Retailers to the site, so you can increase your cashback earnings with time, via the site or the mobile app.

Download the app for iOS | Android

I hope this blog has been useful and if you have any questions at all please do ask.

Thank you for reading.