You’ve all played Tetris, right? Well, today I’m going to be reviewing Gravitris, a game that’s a spin-off of Tetris but it’s way better and much more difficult. So if you loved the classic game and love a challenge then you’re going to love this game.

I came across it via Instagram on estefanniegg’s page; a Software Engineer that I follow. She hit 10k a few weeks ago and to celebrate she developed Gravitris and made it available for free as a thank you to all her followers. I just had to check it out and I’m so glad I did. Whilst it’s not an entirely unique game, it’s a modern twist on a classic game with physics and gravity thrown into the mix. So in that respect it’s quite unique and most definitely challenging.

How to play Gravitris

To play, you drag and drop blocks into the grid, just like Tetris but you’ve got to rotate your phone to rotate the blocks but this is where it gets challenging because you can’t actually rotate a single block on its own. But the cool thing is that you can squeeze blocks in and watch the grid free up and watch your score get higher and higher. However, the challenge gets even more challenging because whilst you’re rotating your blocks the next one is getting ready to fall down. As soon as the timer is up, you’ll have to deal with where it’s placed but you want to avoid that; you want to control every single block to really smash the game and beat all of your friends.

To see the game in action, you can watch me play it in the video below.

Is it worth the download?

I think the idea behind this game is really cool. I’ve never come across any games like it and I think it’s an awesome twist on such a classic game. I’m a big fan of Tetris and an even bigger fan of Gravitris. The app doesn’t record your score though which is probably the only thing missing really but I would definitely recommend this game due to its unique twist, challenging element and because it is just so fun to play. It’s free and available to download on, both, iOS and Android too so why not give it a go? Let me know what you think of it.

iOS Download | Android Download

Thank you for reading.