You get a new phone and you want to protect it so you wack a case on it. I get it because I used to be like that too many years ago. It’s only in the last few years where I realised that I’m not keen on cases at all. Here’s why.

Manufacturers work hard to make smartphones as light and thin as possible, for the convenience of us all. They make holding our smartphones an even better experience for us but cases throw that down the drain. Cases only make the phone feel much more bulky. I know you can get extremely thin cases too; I’ve had some where you couldn’t even tell a case was on it but you still lose that feel from holding the actual phone.

I won an iPhone skin and I love it

I recently won a giveaway on Instagram, by Protective Skin Solutions. It was the first time I actually won something in my entire life (true story) so I was super happy. The skin arrived for my iPhone 7 Plus and, wow, it looked as awesome as it did in the photos.

Applying the skin

Applying the skin to my iPhone was pretty easy. Just clean the phone surface beforehand, align the skin with the ports and stick it down. If you find that it’s not perfectly aligned then no worries because you can gently remove the skin and re-apply it. Using a hair dryer for the corners really helped too.

Would I buy it?

You can see from my photos how amazing the skin looks. It’s purple but can look like a navy or goldish-brown under different lighting and angles; it’s really cool. It surrounds the ports really well and is the perfect size; it’s not too big or too small. In fact, if you didn’t know it was a skin you would probably think it’s an iPhone in an exclusive colour, that’s how well the iPhone skin fits. What’s more is that I can still use my NueVue anti-bacterial case, so my iPhone is always clean; front and back.

What I love most about it is the quality of it and its smoothness. You can feel its quality and the texture is oh so smooth and if you were to use it with greasy fingers then that grease would be easy to clean off too.

I don’t have any complaints with this skin. I genuinely love it and I’m so grateful for being chosen as the winner for the giveaway. Thank you Protective Skin Solutions! I will definitely be purchasing one from them in orange. Maybe a custom one too 😉

Exclusive 20% off for you + free worldwide shipping

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Thank you for reading.

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