Apple’s Jet Black iPhone 7 has hit a global shortage so if you’re someone who’s looking to get one or still waiting for yours, you may be waiting a long time.

It comes as no surprise that the Jet Black is the most popular iPhone 7 colour. I mean, an all Black iPhone and a glossy one too, what’s not to like? If you pre-ordered later than an hour from the time pre-orders went live, your expected delivery date would have been some time in November! Crazy, right? I placed my order within about 60 seconds from the time pre-orders opened and I still had to wait a good few weeks (until 3rd October 2016).

Apple struggling to get the finish right on the Jet Black iPhone

The crazy thing is that the delayed delivery isn’t just because of the high demand. According to a very trusted analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo), the shortage is because Apple are struggling with getting the Jet Black polished finish right. Apparently, it’s a 9-step process but the yield rate is around 70%, so 30% of them are not making it. It’s not the greatest of situations for Apple right now but they’re obviously working on getting the finish just right, so you can expect yours to be perfect.

So, whilst the wait can seem like forever (it did for me) just know that it will be worth it. Apple are expecting the 7 Plus to be out and delivered in November whilst the iPhone 7 will be shipped in just a few weeks. Until then, some mobile networks (e.g. Three and EE, have removed the option to purchase any of the Jet Black iPhones. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy one you’re going to have to buy one directly from Apple and embrace the 3-6 weeks wait.

It’s bad news and Apple have a major demand to accommodate but at least the production of the iPhone 7’s is still ongoing, which is more than I can say for the Note7, whose production has sadly come to an end, just over a month after its release. RIP Note7. Long live the iPhone 7.

Are you still waiting on yours or are you one of the lucky ones who already has it?

Thank you for reading.