Apple had a special event on 7th of September, where they announced the iPhone 7. But they also announced something very, very exciting; the App Store will soon be welcoming Nintendo’s very own Super Mario!

Super Mario makes its way to Apple’s App Store

I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. Granted, the mobile game is not a complete replica of the original Super Mario Bros but the game play is so similar, it will certainly make you feel nostalgic. You’ll be jumping up to collect coins, dodging those fire balls, battling against Bowser and so much more, you’d probably wish they’d bought the game to iOS sooner. See the video below, by Nintendo, for a glimpse of Super Mario Run.

Price and release date

As exciting as this news may be, there is going to be a few months before the game is released. It’s said to be available on the App Store in December this year and for free too (for the iPhone and iPad). However, there will be additional content on the app, which will only be available upon purchase. Prices will be confirmed nearer the time but I’ll keep you guys updated and will be doing a full video review of the game too.

For now, contain the excitement and be prepared for some serious Mario-addiction.

Thank you for reading.