Jazzing up your desk, your room or any other part of the house isn’t a bad idea at all and LEDs can help do that perfectly. In this blog, I share with you my experience with a lighting kit I bought. Should you buy them too? Read on.

Earlier this month, I purchased some LED Strips so I could jazz up my desk a little bit. After looking around, the Noza Tec 5328 300 seemed to be pretty decent; they looked good and at only £9.68 it was worth a shot. Indeed, it was worth it as after plugging them in I was chuffed with the purchase. They were so easy to install (anyone could do it since no wiring is involved) and the remote control is as easy to use as it looks. So let’s go into a little more detail.


Unboxing the packaging revealed the following contents inside:

• 5M LED Strip wrapped in a reel (non-waterproof but you can purchase waterproof ones if you want. More on this towards the end of the blog)
• IR (infrared) Remote Control
• RGB Control box with IR sensor
• Power Adapter
• Extra clips to assist if cutting the strip
• Warranty card

Noza Tec LEDS box


As I said earlier, installing the LEDs is extremely easy, since no wiring is involved (phew). Well, if you plan on cutting the strips then it’s not as simple but you can find quite a few Youtube tutorials that show you how to do it. I didn’t need to cut mine as it was just going to be used under and around my desk. So, it was a case of plugging in the end of the LED wiring to the port on the RGB Control box and then plugging in the power adapter. Then, using the remote control it was just a case of pressing the ON button and desk = jazzed up.

The images below demonstrate the installation.



The remote control provided allows you to control the lighting on the LED strip. You can choose to have a single colour (choice of red [R], green [G], blue [B]) or you can choose to have all 3 colours switched on [W]. You can’t unfortunately get white but some of the coloured buttons do provide some really nice colour outputs e.g. purple, yellow, orange and a lighter blue/white. You can also brighten the LEDs or reduce the brightness if you find it is too bright for you.

The other cool thing about these lights are the different modes. You get flash, strobe, fade and smooth.

Flash: The LEDs change between each colour combination. So it switches from red to green to blue to red and green to red and blue to green and blue constantly.

Strobe: All 3 single colours (red, blue and green) are lit up and their brightness increases and then fades. This happens repeatedly.

Fade: This is basically the same as Strobe except it switches between all the colour combinations and not just RGB.

Smooth: This is not much different to flash in all honestly; the effect is the same but it only lights up the RGB colours.



I purchased my kit from Amazon for £10.48 plus a delivery charge of £4.99. If you want free delivery, you’ll need to spend £20 which isn’t too much of a problem if you’ve got other things to purchase too.



The Noza Tec 3528 300 LED strips are great, I’m happy with my purchase at least. I love that you can change the colours, to switch it up depending on the mood. The effects are good too but I don’t find much use for them personally. I’m happy with the single colour modes; blue and red are my favourite.

The LEDs are low-heat too so perfectly safe even with children around and at the price they can be purchased for, it’s not bad at all. I’d definitely recommend them after purchasing and using them. If you have any questions about something I may have missed or anything at all, feel free to send a message via our contact page.

Thank you for reading.