There are cases that simply look good or serve the purpose well of protecting your phone but NueVue took this to a whole different level with their antibacterial case that cleans your phone.

NueVue is a company that produce handcrafted cases for iPhones and iPads and I got my hands on the iPhone 7 Plus pouch sleeve case. What makes this case stand out is that it not only protects your phone but it cleans it too; which is its biggest selling point, especially when around 92% of phones carry such a wide range of bacteria.

Unboxing the NueVue case

When you first open the packaging, you can get a feel of the 100% genuine leather. I could really feel the quality of the case in my hand; it feels far from cheap. You also get a wet and dry cleaning wipe, which you’re recommended to use to clean your phone, prior to using the case.

Inside the actual case is a little booklet that tells you how to use the case because it’s not like your everyday pouch. You actually take out your phone by pushing it out from the bottom. I demonstrate how it works in the video below. They also provide an informative card as part of the packaging to inform users that the case helps to clean finger grease and smears not grease and grime that you get from other things, so bare that in mind.

The bottom of the case has a tighter gap, so there is no way your phone will fall out and you’ve got access to the ports there too, allowing you to charge your phone or listen to music whilst it’s being protected. The top is wide enough to slide the phone in and out and inside you can see the highest-grade microfibers, which clean the surface of your phone, every time its removed from the case. I think this idea is just genius. I mean, fingerprints can get really annoying (I know they annoy me, I’m still waiting for fingerprint-proof displays) so it’s so awesome that this case cleans the phone.

Card holder for convenience

As well as protecting and cleaning your phone, the NueVue leather case has an embedded card holder and I find this so convenient. Despite being a female, I hate carrying a handbag around. I tend to just put my phone, any cash and my bank card in the pocket of my jeans or my jacket. Handbags are just unnecessary weight in my opinion. The holder can easily fit a second card in there, so you’re not restricted to just one, but even with a single card it’s a nice snug fit and, therefore, you don’t have to worry about it falling out either.

NueVue Case in action

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of cases. My iPhone 7 Plus is so nice and thin and lightweight too and adding a case to it will only make the phone lose that factor; why waste amazing efforts from Apple? I love thin phones so cases are a no-no from me; hence my iPhone is kept naked. However, this NueVue case helps to protect my phone when I’m not using it and helps to clean all those fingerprint smudges my iPhone gets, especially with it being Jet Black.

The way it works is simple; just slide your phone in and push it out from the bottom when you need to use it. Removing it from the case will reveal a beautifully clean display so you can say goodbye to fingerprints and smudges and, come to think of it, eye strain too.

Whilst I love the NueVue case, I have to mention that it’s not ideal when you’re constantly using your phone but it’s perfect for keeping your phone protected when you’re not using it. For me, it’s most handy when I’m driving because I tend to keep it in the door pocket, where my phone just gets bashed around since the pocket isn’t made to hold my iPhone. So, this case helps protect it from getting even more scratches.

For £49 (£43 for the iPhone 7), it’s not exactly cheap but you get what you pay for. The NueVue case offers really good quality and is very useful. It’s a unique idea too and I love it.

I hope this review has been useful.

Thank you for reading.