On the 2nd of August, Samsung revealed the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. They showed off its new features but they kept one thing a secret; the price. Lots of tech blogs were sharing their price expectations, with prices at £699 going up to £799 but Samsung weren’t telling.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Pre-Order


Yesterday, on the 16th of August 2016 at 6am, pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 began. Having seen its features and having always wanted a Galaxy Note I was totally ready. After watching the unpacked event on the 2nd, I made sure I put my details down to reserve one and the night before pre-orders I was sent a pre-order link by Samsung. So several alarms were switched on and after a few snoozes, I woke up, opened up the link and watched the time count down from just a few minutes to 0:00:00. Exciting times. The site froze for a few seconds but then finally the pre-order page was displayed. Well, the Note 7 and its features were shown but scrolling right to the bottom of the page was the pre-order button with its price revealed…

[pmc_quote border_color=”#000″ ]The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with a price tag of £739![/pmc_quote]


I chose Black Onyx because I’m not much of a phone of coloured phones. I do have a Rose Gold iPhone 6S but I’m really not a fan of it any more. The Blue Coral Note 7 is pretty nice but the sides of the phone are not the same colour and I knew I’d probably dislike it after a while, so Black was the safe bet.

Samsung Note 7 BlueCoral_BlackOnyx


Samsung said they were offering the first 1000 people to pre-order a Samsung Gear VR, which is totally awesome. Pre-orders began at 6am and I had placed my order by 6.03am. The items I was going to get did not show until after I had paid. That’s when I saw that I was getting the phone itself (SIM-free), the Gear VR (yay) and a Samsung Note 7 case. The latter was a nice surprise because they never mentioned the first 1000 people would get a case too. I’m not sure what it looks like but it sure will help because a 5.7” display is pretty big and, well, my hands aren’t.

Note 7 PreOrder Goodies


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should arrive on the 30th of August but those who haven’t pre-ordered will be able to purchase it from September 2nd 2016, in the UK. You can no longer pre-order as the official Samsung site is showing ‘out of stock’, although I’m not surprised. I’m super excited to receive it and will, no doubt, show you guys a video and offer a review too.

Thank you for reading.