You’ve all probably heard about the Samsung Galaxy Note7 exploding fiasco and if you haven’t check out the blog I wrote about it here. Shocking right? How could such a big brand get it so so wrong? For people like myself that purchased it, this was incredibly disappointing. But as I had the Note7 in the palm of my hands, Samsung let me down even more.


Here’s a summary of what I personally experienced (some of you probably went through the exact same thing too):

> August 16th – Pre-ordered the Note7

> August 30th – Received the Note7 (two days before it’s official release)

> September 2nd – Samsung posted a Press Release to state that they were no longer selling the Note7 (on the day of its release too!). An official recall was made and they were going to re-produce and exchange all Note7’s.

> September 12th – I continued to use my Note7 as it seemed fine until I got an ‘urgent’ notification on the device from Samsung, advising it is switched off and to revert to a previous phone. This is the point where I was extremely disappointed and unhappy.

For over 2 weeks, the Note7 was turned off and sitting in my desk drawer. Fortunately, I have a collection of old iPhones so I had a spare phone to use in the meantime but imagine those that people that don’t? People sold their previous phones to get the Note7 and Samsung are telling them to go back to using it? Being without a phone is not cool; it’s a part of our everyday lives.


On Thursday 29th, I got a text from UK Mail telling me my Samsung delivery will be delivered and at lunchtime the courier had arrived for a door-to-door replacement. I gave back my Note7, charger and headphones (that is what I was told to return) and was given a brand new box with the new Note7 and contents inside. Hallelujah!


I waited so long for the replacement, I wasn’t too excited when it did arrive but appreciated having it back! Unboxing the package revealed nothing from Samsung, other than the smartphone and accessories. What, no apology letter? Not even a complimentary small gift? Nope. Samsung did nothing more than replace the handset.

Some may argue that they did what they had to do. Of course, they had to replace the phone but putting consumers through the hassle of not having the phone was a pretty massive deal! I did expect an apology letter but was disappointing when I didn’t see one. Samsung messed up big time and, no doubt, they have lost a lot of customers from this fiasco. It’s sad because they are a good company who make good products. May this be a lesson learnt for them. But for me, well, now that the iPhone 7 Plus is in my hands I’m not too keen on keeping the Note7 and may, potentially, sell it and purchase another tech item.

What are your thoughts on this? If you experienced the above, do you feel the same or are you just glad you’ve finally got your replacement?

Thank you for reading.