After recalling 2.5 million Note7 devices around the world, Samsung have put a temporary stop to the production of it. They say it’s temporary but they may even stop it altogether, I personally think that they should. Reproducing them is something they’ve already done, yet the issue is still there; Note7’s are stilling catching fire! As if the major recall wasn’t bad enough, this is starting to tarnish their brand but putting a halt to the production of their latest smartphone will only lead to them losing even more money; billions of dollars according to an analyst at Canalys, who also thinks they should end the Note7 line.

I guess they’ve already lost so much money but continuing production could lose them even more, especially if it happens again. It’s a dangerous game for Samsung to be playing right now and it’s a very disappointing situation for those that have purchased the Note7.

It might be fine now but is my Note7 going to catch fire later today, maybe tomorrow or next week? It’s not something you should have to worry about for a smartphone that you have paid £739 for but unfortunately that is the case. This is truly off-putting and, as a result, I will be returning my Note7 to Samsung for a full refund.

Network providers quit the Note7 exchange programme

Some mobile network providers, such as Tmobile, have also decided to put a stop to the Note7 exchange programme. Instead of providing customers with an exchanged Note7, they are allowing customers’ to get a refund or swap for another device that they offer just because there is no guarantee that the new Note7’s are actually safer than the originals. They’re also offering a $25 bill credit, which is more than what Samsung offered their customers.

I’ve never been so disappointed. What are your thoughts on this?

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