On Thursday 27th October, Apple unveiled the all new MacBook Pro. It’s the thinnest and lightest MacBook ever. Yes, its almost as light as the MacBook Air so what does this mean?

Well, Apple didn’t show off a brand new MacBook Air and with the new Pro being so much lighter than before, it’s fair to assume that it’s the end for the MacBook Air. However, the last version of it is still available to purchase, just don’t expect a newer version. I’m so impressed with its weight and thinness; I mean talk about making something portable even more portable.

Goodbye USB ports

The 13-inch Model weighs just 1.37KG and is 14.9mm thin (the MacBook Air weight 1.35KG). On the other hand, the 15-inch model weighs 1.83KG and is 15.5mm thin. Impressive stuff but it comes at a compromise. Apple have kissed goodbye to the SD card reader and USB ports. The 13-inch Pro has 2 x Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports whilst the bigger 15-inch model has 4. They support charging, displayport, thunderbolt and USB 3 but, of course, adapters will be required.

Silver VS Space Gray MacBook Pro

Apple have added a new colour option; Space Gray but you can still get the classic Silver. I think the Space Gray looks good (much better than the coloured ones on the 12″ MacBook e.g. Gold, Rose Gold) but, for me, the Silver Mac is iconic. Hence I’m glad that Apple didn’t completely wash it away.

Touch bar and Touch ID

The most outstanding feature of the new MacBook Pro, aside from how incredibly thin and light it is, is the Touch bar. It wasn’t too much of a surprise though since leaks were everywhere on the Internet but it’s very cool. It replaces the normal functional keys and shows buttons, slider controls and tools relevant to the app you are in. You can customise it too. Whilst, it may be a gimmick to some, I can see it being used quite a lot, do you?

The Pro also features Touch ID, something Apple should have done earlier but hey it’s here now (better late than never).


Right, so there are three options available for the new MacBook Pro. You can buy it without the Touch bar (13″ only) or get the 13″ or the bigger 15″ with the Touch bar. If you’re not keen on this fancy new feature then I’d recommend you go for the lowest end Pro without it for £1449 (price has increased sadly). Alternatively, the 13″ Pro with the Touch bar starts at £1749 and the 15″ out-of-the-box is priced at £1949.

Prices have increased quite significantly and that really does suck but the MacBook Pro is a powerful product that offers a great performance and user experience. The quality itself makes it worth it and if you’re someone who is really going to utilise it then it’ll pay off within months (weeks, if you’re really lucky). So, whilst it is expensive, it will be worth it.

The good and the bad

What I’m most disappointed about is the lack of ports, namely the USB. The Pro only has a headphone jack, Thunderbolt ports and a USB-C port for charging. Lots of devices still use USB so it’s a shame Apple made the decision to remove it. I agree with moving on with technology but at least one USB port would have been ideal. The USB-C to USB adapter is around £16 direct from Apple so I guess that’ll need to be added to the purchase.

On the upside, the MacBook Pro is more portable than ever. I wanted the MacBook Air this year, primarily for its weight for travelling with but now that the Pro is even thinner and lighter, it makes sense to switch to the latest and greatest. I guess it’s time to say goodbye to the MacBook Air…and the light-up Apple logo on the new Pro. It’ll be missed.

What do you guys think? Will you be buying it? I’ll post a unboxing and video review when I receive mine in 4-5 weeks!

Thank you for reading.