The globally popular text messaging app, Whatsapp, recently offered an update and one that you might just be concerned with. Whatsapp will be sharing user data with Facebook, to help them with targeting ads. It’s a rather big change to its privacy policy, especially after it being known for being a well-secure app, and if you’ve updated the app and accepted their terms and conditions then you’ll automatically be opted into sharing your info. But don’t fret, because you still have time to stop your information from being shared. I’ll go through how shortly but here’s a quick summary of what this new privacy policy actually means.

What does the new WhatsApp privacy policy mean for me?

Sharing your info with Facebook means that it will be able to show you ads that are much more relevant compared to what you currently see (like any ad is wanted really). It will also offer even better friend suggestions but it’s a waste of time if you ask me. If you’re not a Facebook user then it will not affect you but I would still turn the setting off, whilst you still can (30 days after accepting the T&C’s).

How to stop Whatsapp from sharing my info?

If you agreed to the T&C’s without realising this change, it’s ok. You can stop your information from being changed by following the simple steps below:

• Go to Settings
• Click Account
• Then untick ‘Share my Account Info’

Whilst privacy is not being compromised, WhatsApp have certainly loosened up a little but here’s hoping there will not be any further unwanted changes.

Thank you for reading.