L’Oreal partnered with Withings to design and develop the most innovative product this year (or is it?). It is called The Kerastase Hair Coach and is essentially a smart hairbrush designed to keep your scalp at its best. Developed in response to people brushing their hair too forcefully, apparently, and obviously that can cause some long-term damage.

Kerastase Hair Coach, tell me, are my hair wet?

The brush has a microphone built into it to listen to the sound of your hair. If it’s frizzy, it’ll let you know via the smartphone app the hair brush connects to, via WiFi. Um, or you can just look in the mirror? But it also helps identify your split ends and the dryness of your hair. It also offers local weather information and advises you on the best ways to look after your hair on the day. Since L’Oreal are a big part of this, you’re going to get some form of self-advertisement; the app will offer recommendations on the best L’Oreal Kerastase products for your hair.

Smart Hair brush features

If that wasn’t enough, the brush also includes a gyroscope, which is used to analyse your brushing techniques. Your brushing patterns are measured so it can monitor how forcefully you brush your hair and therefore how much pressure you apply to get those knots out. The brush also has a conductivity sensor to help you figure out if your hair are wet or dry. Wow. This product is unbelievable and, apparently, it’s going to retail for some amount under $200.

Personal Thoughts

Good God. If you want my honest opinion, buy yourself a nice mirror. Scratch that, save the money and use the selfie mode on your smartphone camera. Not only will you be able to check how frizzy your hair are but you can use your native Weather app to check the weather and you can use your human senses to tell whether your hair are wet or dry. If you are interested though, you can stay informed about the Kerastase Hair Coach by signing up to Withings’ website here.

I’m all for technology and I absolutely love it but I think this might have taken it a little too far. Maybe it’ll be better once it’s actually used in person, maybe, but I don’t see me buying this whatsoever. What about you guys?
Thank you for reading.